June 12th, 2013


Specific Fic: Steve(/Tony?) (+Team?)

All I remember is Steve running through the city, holding...something super radioactive that was going to explode and he was running to get to water and throw it in so it would cool down? And as he's running he's talking to Tony(/the team/SHIELD people?) and he's really being burned by the radiation but the super serum allows him to keep running and stuff. 

Looking for a couple of fics

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a couple of fics (or could be the same one and I've got muddled) the first is one in which Steve starts going to the movies a lot because even though a lot has changed it is at least vaguely familiar. There may have been some sort of conversation around the cost of popcorn (but I might have imagined that because I head a documentary once on popcorn in cinemas in Chicago).

The next one (or two) is one in which all the Avengers have online accounts (twitter/facebook) and are hilarious.

And at some point Tony shoots a kind of shaky home-movie style of the Avengers in Start Tower and Steve is singing Lilli Marlene doing the washing up, and at some point Tony disturbs Steve overbreakfast and says 'Say something for the camera' and Steve recites the declaration of independace.

Hope that this will jog someone's memory for me! :) I'm in the process of doing up a new house and all my files are higgeldy-piggeldy.

I can't remember if these were slash, gen or het as I read all types.

Loki Redemption/whump fics

Hey guys,
I just recently discovered the wonders of emo/redeemed/hurt/misunderstood Loki, and I'm looking for a fic fix : )
Specifically, I'm looking for fics that focus on Loki interacting with the Avengers/becoming part of their team/family. Couple different types:
1. I'd love fics that have an abusive Odin, or fics that have Loki being tortured/coerced/forced into invading earth-like, there was more too it than met the eye, and the Avengers realize this and go all protective. I adore Loki whump, abused/tortured Loki.
2. I'd love fics where Loki is underage(not deaged, but actually physically underage) and the Avengers realize this and get all Bamf.
3. Fics where Loki is a single father, and maybe his child is being hurt/kept away from him.
4. Fics that deal with Loki being Jotun, and the racial prejudice he's faced on Asgard. Basically, fics that address the rather prejudiced/horrible ways Loki's been treated by his "family", and have the Avengers finding out/reacting too this.
Sorry for the massively long request post ; )
Thanks guys : )