June 16th, 2013


Hey guys!

I'm kinda little lost and in desprate search for a certain fic, i just remember one scene where Hawkeye, Loki and Fury (and also the rest of the gang?) are together and Barton shoots an arrow in Loki's face, because he's still mad for the whole mind-controlling, that explodes. Fury really doesn't care and loki tries to reassure his surrounding that it won't harm him in an deadly way. If i remember right it was a frostiron fic, but i'm, really not sure anymore.

Thank you!

Bamf Science Boyfriends fics

Hey guys,
So, I made the mistake of rewatching the Avengers last night(for like the millionth time : ) and now, of course, I'm dying for some awesome science bros feels : )
I'm looking for 5(!) different types of fics:
1. Ones were Bruce is an utter Bamf, either as a doctor, or as the Hulk, or just as himself-where the unassuming scientist everyone assumes turns into a stupid, raging beast, proves them all wrong : )
2. Fics where Tony and Bruce get together, and somehow fix all the broken edges of each other, and are generally bamf together-basically, Tony and Bruce as a power couple-I'd especially love it if the media loves them as a couple.
3. Any fics involving these two and the media, in any way, shape, or form.
4. Any fics where Tony's friends(Rhodey, Pepper, or Happy) marvel at how good Bruce is for Tony, and how amazing Tony is with Bruce.
5. Any fics where Tony defends Bruce/Hulk, and shows his utter trust in the Hulk-ie, takes the suit off while Bruce is transformed, scaring everybody senseless : )
6.(I know, I said 5 : ) Any fics, any at all, that show Bruce/Tony being bamf together, as a unit/couple, whatever.
Thanks guys : )


i'm searching for a clint/coulson fanfic where they are linked i think it was both a thelepathic and emotional bond but coulson isn't happy about it and he rejects clint but later clint is injured and bleeding from the neck and nearly dies and coulson tells him that he loves him and that he is sorry while trying to stop the blood,they finally make up after clint is healed,i think the fanfic was written in several parts.
thanks for helping me!