June 17th, 2013

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Steve and nail polish

So I know there's at least two stories with Steve playing with nail polish.

1. Steve was playing receptionist or something for Tony or Pepper and he painted one hand with pink polish.

2. Steve buys bottles and bottles of nail polish and uses different colors. At one point Tony started making nail polish and Stark Industries went into makeup and he gave several bottles to Steve.

If there are other stories that follow this theme, please send them my way! I wouldn't mind if they're about other characters using nail polish too!

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Hi, I'm looking for a story that was in a sort of dom/sub universe, where everyone is either a dom or a sub.

All the Avengers are doms except for Tony, and Steve, having just woken up finds his behaviour very inappropriate for a sub. Obviously, things have moved in in society, but nobody bothered to tell Steve that subs are more or less equal now. He gets sick of Tony 'acting out' and 'disciplines' him the way he was taught at school (forcing him down, and coming on him)

The others are all horrified, and look after Tony, who does forgive Steve eventually.

Anyone know this?

Also the 'Professions' Clint/Coulson where Clint is a prostitute, and coulson has a ton of scars seems to have been deleted, anyone have it?
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Looking for a fic with Loki and the golden apples of Asgard

Hi, well, I'm looking for a fic I read ages ago, where Loki captures the Avengers when they get older and keep them captured for a while, all while feeding them the golden apples of Asgard so they get to be young again, I think he also gets Spider-man.

Also any story that deals with the Avengers living longer or getting to be young again will be most welcomed :).

Be well and tons of thanks!! Monica

Edit: Hmm, found it, calibre always helps when I get to desperate :) is Operation: Applesauce by SilverRush http://archiveofourown.org/works/431625

Be well.


My powers of Google are failing me :(

I'm looking for a fic where Steve attempts to apologise to Tony for his remarks when they first meet on the Helicarier in Movie!verse. Tony rebuffs his apology, insisting that Steve doesn't know what he's apologising for. The rest of the fic was about Steve and Tony's developing relationship and Steve realising how awesome Tony is. He later apologises again, admitting that Tony was right -he hadn't known what he was apologising for.

The fic was Steve/Tony.

Ta! :)

Status Update: Found! Fic in comments.