June 19th, 2013



It was posted on AO3, it was an Avengers fic, and the basic plot was that Steve had followed Bucky into the army, but Steve was the one who fell from the train. He'd fallen into a lake, the moon took pity, and made Steve a winter spirit. It talks about him loving all children, but certain special favorites he'd had over the years (basically the human Avengers and Coulson). When movie events start happening, Steve draws frost pictures and tries to get everyone working together. Steve helps stop Loki, and nearly dies, wakes up in hospital bed and is shocked everyone can see him.
This story was not cross-listed under Rise of the Guardians (checked that), and may or may not have been listed as a Steve/Tony fic. Anyone recognize it?

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Every morning

Competent Coulson

Hi, I was reading Talk to me by laceymcbain, and had a flash to other fics where Coulson is a very competent Agent.
First: future Clint/Coulson where Clint was capture, after being sold by some shield agent. Coulson came to the rescue and was all I don´t care you are a bamf I quit.
2nd. Clint/Phil where Phil was given the Cap-formula in the 40s and it work different. Fury keeps telling him to sleep and eat. Coulson took this pills and one time Clint saw him(and asked about them-food pills!),Phil seduces him to stop the questions. Happy ending!

Thanks for the help