June 20th, 2013

looking for a specific fic/ magic Loki

Hi All.

I am looking for a short fic that I think was on a meme. Basically was Loki torturing Thor with a laser pointer while the Avengers watched.
Any help?
Any good/was controlled by the Chitauri Loki in which he is freed would be most appreciated too.

Thanks in advance.

Asexual!Clint/Steve fic search

Like the subject line says, I'm looking for an Asexual!Clint/Steve story I read(on AO3 I think?) that I seem to have lost. I don't remember much, but I do remember in one scene Clint was wearing the asexual pride flag (or something similar?) and a guy stopped him to talk about it (and this happened when he and Steve were out together because they had been hanging out). I think there was also a point in the fic where Steve had to defend Clint from some civilian opinions? Or heard some people badmouthing him and didn't quite understand what was happening. I know it's not a lot, but if someone knows this fic and can tell me I'll love you forever haha

(also, no Steve/Clint tag? Can I request one please?)