June 22nd, 2013

Mpreg!Tony, Team bad reaction

I'm trying to find this fic on AO3 (I think) where Tony and Loki are kind of together but no one knows about it and when Loki is not around for a while Tony and the team found out that he is pregnant and automaticaly gets angry at Tony (less Thor) and ask him to get an abortion(?) because they figure out the whole relationship and Tony said no way so they storm out leaving him alone with Thor who said to him that he would go looking for Loki then leaving so he stayed in his workshop the entire day(s) while the others where having some realizations about how much Tony meant to them, at the end I think Thor came back with Loki and the rest of the team get their head around the idea of Tony being with Loki and the baby realizing that he needed the support of the family they created.

Getting Attached by Sinlesschick6

If you find any mistakes please forgive me, english it's not my first language.

Darcy is Coulson's pretend niece - found!

I'm having trouble locating this one - Darcy has gotten a job at SHIELD, and has the sucky job for newcomers, in archives. I remember she takes advantage by reading reports she technically doesn't have clearance for.

At some point, she becomes aware that Coulson is in a coma in medical, and never gets any visitors. So she goes by and says she's his niece, and leaves him flowers and her iPod while she working. I think.

That's all I've got. I have no idea if there's a pairing in this one, or if it was finished. It almost has to be on AO3, but searches for "niece" aren't getting me anywhere.

I accidentally deleted the comment of the person who found it (why is there no undo?), but it's:
I'm Gonna Be A Part Of It (Whether I Want To Or Not)