June 23rd, 2013

looking for a Darcy/Loki fic

There was a Darcy Loki fic that I read a while ago, it wasn't completed, and I don't think it had been updated in while, but I could have sworn I read it on AO3. However, I just went through all of the Darcy/Loki fics and I couldn't find it...

Anyway, plot (or what I remember): Darcy moves into a new apartment in NY after getting a job with SHIELD, and across the way Loki lives, but Darcy doesn't realize that it is Loki. On her first night(?) after she put her stuff away, she takes a shower and strolls through her apartment naked. Not remembering that she doesn't have curtains, or realizing that there might be someone living in the apartment across from her that could see into her apartment.

Eventually, Steve is going through Loki's office and stumbles upon an art book that Loki has locked in a desk drawer and finds Loki's drawings of Darcy. Steve brings the drawings to Fury and things spiral out of control, and Tony calls Steve a nark. The last thing I remember though, is that Natasha is sitting in a bar with Darcy, and Tony is sitting in his penthouse in avengers tower with Loki, and that both Nat and Tony have conspired to get both of them in the same room. So Tony takes Loki to the bar where Natasha is.

Yea that's pretty much all I remember, I really hope someone knows which story I'm talking about.