June 25th, 2013


Charles & Tony Interaction

Hello everyone!

Today, I'm on the hunt for any fic that you have which would have Professor Charles Xavier and our beloved Tony Stark interacting. I mean, in any significant way. Fics where there are throw-away references to the x-men make me chuckle, but I'm looking for fics in which Tony and Charles know each other, whether they are good friends or whether they know each other more biblically.

I'll take pretty much any pairing because Tony is my fandom bicycle, but I'm partial to slash of the Tony/Loki, Tony/Bruce, Tony/Steve, though I'll also accept Tony/Pepper because I love Pepper. But I'd hate to break up Charles/Erik, which is another OTP of mine. I'll even take Gen, I don't mind. I don't mind whether Tony is a mutant, or whether he knows Charles from the schmoozing circles of the New York rich and famous, or whether Charles tried to stop Howard's abuse. Seriously, I'll take whatever.

My aim in this search is to have the team find out that actually, Tony's got a life outside SI and the Avengers, and that that life is actually pretty awesome. Even if it's fics about the people Tony Stark knows, or something. I'm on my knees. I have a BURNING NEED.

Thanks in advance all you lovely people!

Lady Merlin
Steve's shoulder

Recs wanted: Marvel universe crossovers

Hi all,

I'm looking for recs for crossovers within all of Marvel's universes where Tony Stark meets and interacts with other Tony Stark(s). I would prefer Steve/Tony slash (or Steve/Tony/Tony or Steve/Tony/Steve, etc) or gen. Something like Copperbadge's Iron Men or TARDIScrash's Three Kings Trump an Ace. Time travel or alternate universes meeting via portals or whatever, any of that would be great.

Extra bonus if Movie!Tony is one of the Tonys.