July 4th, 2013

Looking for Steve/Tony fic? I think

I remember reading it recently, but I don't remember what it was called. Also, I am so sorry that I post looking for fics all the time... I'm horrible with titles...

Plot (what I remember): So the team moves into the tower while it is still rebuilding. And Tony managed to convince Bruce to stay. Some things happen, and really the only scene I remember is when Tony went down to one of the lower levels that was still under repair and was welding, when Steve pops in Looking for him. However, since he has all his gear on Steve doesn't recognize him and talks to the foreman. Who calls out for Mr. Stark, and no one says anything. Then, still covered in the gear, Tony asks what Steve wanted to talk about, and has some sort of eyebrow/ silent communication with the foreman before Steve is allowed into the work site.

Steve ends up holding up a support beam(?) or something of the sort while Tony welds it into place while Steve asks questions and stuff.

Yea that's about all I remember. If anyone knows this story that would be amazing.

Uh, there is one other story as well, but this one is Steve/Tony Definitely.

Plot: Tony can see wings on people; however, no one else can see them. They are their soul's wings(?) or something similar to that. Anyway, There are certain other people that can see them, that Tony meets later in life [Coulson, Bruce and Steve]. And because Coulson can see the wings, he ends up calling Tony a psychopath (sociopath, can't remember which on exactly) because Tony knows how to not let his emotions show through the wings. However, Thor explains to Tony what the wings are, and that he'll find his soul mate, which happens to be Steve.

The thing with the wings is that if you touch someone's wings that aren't your soulmates, it feels as though you have been violated.

That's all I'm adding to this post.. I could have sworn that I had it bookmarked but I cannot find it... So any help would be awesome.

Found the second one, I didn't remember reading it on FF.Net.. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8617563/1/The-Winged-Soul