July 8th, 2013

fic recommendations

Alright, I would like some more recommendations even though I am going through almost all of the posts here. However, I recently read Circles of Rust by keroseneSteve. Also, it is a good read in general and I would recommend it to anyone :) (Just throwing that out there.)
Now my inquiry is if there are more stories like this one, or similar in plot? I've read a few where no one knows Tony is Ironman, and that he still works with the Avengers and things like this. However, I haven't found any where he goes on the run and eventually meets up with Bruce like in this one. So if anyone has any recommendations on a plot line similar to this that would be awesome! Because as much as I love this story I would like a few more like it to read on occasion. :) Although, I would prefer it on a site like AO3 or FF.net if at all possible because as much as I like avengerkink honestly, the comments in between the authors postings confuse me, and sometimes the chapters end up meshed in there and I get lost or skip parts... So awesomeness of awesome people, help?

In note, I will probably stop posting for a while if you give me enough recommendations as well... I read a lot and I read fast, so it would be amazing to have a lot of recommendation, although I don't think I'll get a lot of them. :/
Not Denial

Searching for a specific FrostIron fiction.

Hi, this is my first time posting, so if I mess something up please forgive me. I read this fiction I'd say about a month or so ago, I do remember it was completed, but I don't remember if it was part of a series or not. It was a chapter fiction that starts out with Loki appearing in Tony's lab for some reason.

I know throughout the story Loki brings Tony materials for Tony to build weapons and such for Loki to use against Thanos, since Loki is fully intending to take out Thanos and his army.

I remember that at one point, Tony goes to his Malibu mansion for a vacation, and Loki shows up and stays for several weeks as he'd just egg-napped a baby dragon and needed to wait for her to hatch, he ends up calling the dragon Stark.

I remember at the end, Loki goes off on his own with Stark and all the weapons Tony's built and destroys a lot of Thanos's army, and everyone assumes he's dead somewhere; but Stark appears in Tony's apartment and tells him that he needs to come with her to help Loki who is on Jotenheim.

If someone could please tell me what the name of this fic is I'd greatly appreciate it, I'm driving myself crazy looking for it.