July 14th, 2013

Children of Dune

Fic search: Loki changes Darcy with magic and she becomes brilliant

My friend described what sounds like a potentially awesome story, unfortunately she didn't know the title/author/link or any other really good clues that would help me locate it. Though she said she thought she found it on A03 (with over 10k stories in avengers/marvel fandom alone I really need help to locate this fic)

The basic plot is that Loki changes Darcy's brain in order for her to think more like an Asgardian so that she could build a rainbow bridge to get him home? The side effect is that after the bridge was complete she began to lose all her intelligence.

Fic Search: Loki with adopted Human family on MIdgard

Hey guys!

This fic should be old, but it had a special place in my heart. Unfortunately I never finished it.

I think it might have been Thorki, but I don't remember well. It was on ff.net (again, I think) It's set after Thor, but before the Avengers (even though they show up, so it's a AU of the Avenger's movie)

Basically Loki ended up on Midgard, and was adopted by a normal family (with 3 kids I think, a girl and 2 boys).
It's a fic about character growth, and Loki becoming a better person.

Just as things are getting stable, the girl from the family finds something strange at her school. If I'm not mistaken, it's a yggdrasil root or branch, and it was magically affecting the kids at her school.

Then the Avengers come and Loki is found. That's what I'd read so far.

Loki bonds with the kids and makes them special magic weapons I think?

If any of you could help me find it, I'd be very very happy.

Post Avengers, Cleaning Up New York


I had this scene just pop into my head today from a fic, and I just can't find what its from. Its post Avengers, in New York - the team is helping clean up the city.

They are working with one specific crew day after day, and each morning Tony provides them tons of food, So one morning its donuts, another day its shrawma etc.

This ring any bells? I know its awfully vague, sorry!

Thanks :)