July 15th, 2013


Hello there!

So, I'm back.

Today, I've been wrecked. I just read Quorum by sparklyslug. It slayed me.

So, I'm looking for other Avengers AUs. Give me your favourite AUs. I don't particularly care which type, though sometimes I do feel college!AUs are a little overdone. Still, if it's something that gives you ALL THE FEELS, rec it anyway. Maybe I should clarify. By AUs I don't mean canon-divergences. I mean stuff with worldbuilding, where they aren't the Avenging superheros in New York etc.

My favourite pairings are Frostiron, Tony/Steve, Tony/Bruce, Tony/Clint, in that order. I'll take any background pairings, ex-pairings, whatever. My best is still Frostiron, so I'll love you forever if you find me Frostiron AUs.

I'm looking for the best characterised, best world-building fics. Oh, another example is Journey to The PastJourney to The Past by melonbutterfly.

Thanks in advace guys! I appreciate the help! I'm a little heartbroken because I can't find any more AUs I like...


Hurt Loki, Clint, or Bruce only trusts Tony fic search

HI all,
I'm looking for any fics where either Loki, Clint, or Bruce is hurt/whumped in some way, and the only person they'll trust/feel safe with/allow to touch/help/go near them for some reason is Tony. Basically, any fics with Tony wowing everyone by how good he is at helping/comforting the whumped character, and everyone being very suprised that the hurt character choose Tony, of all people, to trust so implicitly.
Thanks : )