July 16th, 2013


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Hello again!

Have I mentioned that I love you guys? Well, I do. I don't know what I'd do without this comm. Languish in my ficless depression, probably.

Anyway, I'm looking for a bunch of things today.

First, I rewatched the Avengers on the DL last night, with the volume super low. This made me pay much, much more attention to the facial cues and the body language of each character. When I was done, I was really dman surprised that fic normally portrays Natasha as disliking Tony Stark. While I can honestly say that it's been a WHILE since I've seen the Iron Man movies, if I judged their relationship based on the Avengers, I'd say that they actually got along pretty well. She responds to his snark, and vice versa. She actually acknowledges the 'genius billionaire philanthropist' comment, which made me laugh. She looks like she's noting that it's all true. They even snark about the "party" comment later on in the movie, and I LOVED it. So after all that blather, I'm looking for fics in which Natasha and Tony are good friends. Preferably not involved, because I can't see it, but like bros. And everyone being surprised, because god knows that she bitched about being his PA enough, to Clint. Maybe she defends him, and vice versa? I've read the really famous ones, where Tony is a mutant, but I'm looking for others along the same line.

Second, I'm looking for fics in which we learn about the backstories of generally ignored characters. I've done this search for Phil Coulson, where his family ends up finding out that he's a BAMFy secret agent, but today I've got a hunkering for Maria Hill's backstory. I mean, she's waaay BAMF too, and I've realised that I quite like her. So I'm looking for fics which are Hill-centric, preferably with reference to her past and background etc. Also preferably gen, or not Maria/Steve, because I don't get that pairing.

I know I had another search, but god help me, I've forgotten it. I'd lose my own head if it wasn't screwed on.

But here's thanks anyway! I really do love you guys!

Lady Merlin

Clint fic

Hi! I am so happy to find a community dedicated to finding fics!

I have been looking for a particular fic for a while now but I have limited memory of the rest of the story, but there was this one scene that always stuck in my mind.

There was a part where the avengers/shield attacked an enemy's base and they find some human experiment where the villains were trying to replicate Clint's vision. I believe the victim died but Clint was feeling guilty about the whole thing and how the person suffered because of him.

If anyone recalls this story, it would be greatly appreciated if you can share!

Thank you!

FOUND! Thanks to laylee for finding Relief by Infiniteeight.