July 18th, 2013



Hi everyone,

I'm looking for your favourite Tony centric fics. Anything and everything goes. Long and plotty are FTW but I'll take short fics too. I don't mind if they're AU's, movie-compliant or case related fics -so long as they star Tony in the centre.

Gen is fine, as in slash. If you rec me slash, I prefer Tony/Steve or Tony/Bruce.

Thank you! 
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A couple general requests

I have several different requests for you...

1.  Any fics featuring Rhodes in any capacity.  I would love to see him interacting with the team and maybe forming friendships with them.

2. Fics that feature a good friendship between Tony and Clint.

3. Any Thor centered fics.

4. Any really long fics that are downloadable.  I will use fanfiction.net, but I really prefer AO3, because it's so much easier to download from there.

And the last one, I will put under a spoiler cut for IM3.

[Spoiler (click to open)]5. I am looking for fics that feature Harley interacting with the team in some capacity.  I would love to see Tony adopt him or become his guardian/mentor or anything like that.  

The only stipulation I have is that all these are gen as that is the only thing I read.  Thanks!
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Looking for Steve/Tony fics

Hi guys!

Pure curiosity: can you rec me fics where Tony coerces/forces/manipulates Steve into a realitonship with him?
I've read a search (with no luck) for one specific with this theme - so if you know a fic (or more) like that, pretty please toss it/them to me! <3

//also dub(/non)-con stories with bottom!Steve are highly welcomed.