July 19th, 2013


Various Lost Fics

I am looking for 3 fics, two of which are Clint/Phil. In one of them, Phil was "dead" after the Avengers, but then Clint reveals that he is a shapeshifter and can change into various animals, but I believe he particularly favors being a panther. There is a scene in which Panther!Clint goes around scenting everyone on the team as they go about trying to figure out how to rescue Phil. Eventually, Clint turns into a snow leopard, and so does Phil, and somehow this fixes Phil's injuries. It sounds totally crazy typed out like that, but I promise it made sense in the fic :)    

Second is a short fic in which the Avengers (including Phil) are sitting around and playing some embarrassing game like Truth or Dare or Spin the Bottle (as you do). They are talking about "types" that they are attracted to, and Phil surprises everybody (especially Clint) by confessing that he's attracted to the trope "bad boy who it turns out is actually really sweet to his girl (boy) friend"- as was popular in like 80s-90s teen movies/shows. Clint realizes that Phil means HIM and they make out in front of everybody and it's awesome.

Third is a fic primarily focused on Steve/Darcy, and at one point, Steve tells Darcy that she would never have looked at him before the serum. She says that's true, but she could have seen his personality if they'd spent a lot of time together, just like Peggy did. Steve responds to this by snogging the heck out of her, and they are about to (finally) do it when JARVIS tells them that Jane is on the roof, about to reconnect the Bifrost. So they head up to the roof and Thor comes back all awesomely, and Pepper says to Darcy "I see that ass and I don't doubt his (Thor's) divinity). When he stops making out with Jane, Thor is excited to see Darcy, and tells her that Lady Sif sends her regards, essentially because badass women should stick together. I love Darcy in this fic (and in general), and am so sad that I can't find it anymore.

Any help with these requests is very much appreciated!! Thank you fandom!!!
butterfly, alaylith

Looking for 2 fics

I've been looking for two fics and I just can't find them again.

Sadly I always only remember parts and can't really search for them.
I hope one of you guys recognizes the little tidbits!

1. The first one I really only remember this scene, so the story itself could almost be anything - a long story, a drabble collection or whatever.
The scene was that Iron Man had to catch Clint, but they were going so fast and twisting madly. I think Tony had to throw Clint into Thor's arms so he could stop and Tony vomitted inside his suit.
So when Cap ordered Tony to lift the faceplate Tony refused because he was emberassed, but then Thor & Clint came (Thor carried Clnt I thinkt) and Clint said something about they pulled 3Gs and he himself had to vomit twice.

2. The other story was about the SuperHero Registration Act and I'm pretty sure it was Steve/Tony.
In this Tony already knows about the upcoming SHRA and asked Richard Reeds for help and Reeds told him about visiting other dimensions to see how they dealt with it.
So Reeds told Tony that in one of the other dimensions Steve was shot on the stairs to the court & Tony is scared that Steve will die.

In the end it is Tony who is shot on those stairs when he meets Steve in front of the court.

Happy about any help and thanks! :)


BOTH found:

#1 = http://archiveofourown.org/works/536146/chapters/951957 > Chapter 3
Thanks for your help!

#2 = Mutant series by inukagome15  (http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1487579/)
>>> Part 6 http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9101674/1/An-Alternative-State-of-Mentality

There is another SHRA story mentioned in the comments if anyone is interested!


heya! this is a request form all my stony lovers! i'm sort of in a 'fluffly' mood right now, is there anybody who can recommend me a stony fic where Steve realises his feelings for Tony first, and then attempts in his own way to court our favorite genius? are there even fics like that? it can end up any sort of way, angst, fluff, cutesy, horribly planned out courting that backfires terribly, (I WOULD APPRECIATE SOME SMUT) but yea, steve courting tony fics. thats it. thats what i want.