July 22nd, 2013


Looking for a Loki Fic

Hey all, I have been looking for this fic for a while but can't seem to find it anywhere: Its mostly about Loki. I think he gets captured by Thanos after the events of the Avengers and is tortured. He manages to escape (I think he manages to save up enough magic or something) and land at Tony's Malibu home where all the Avengers are. Thanos sends his minions after Loki and all the Avengers wind up fighting them until Loki finishes them off. The last part I read involved the whole team taking a passed out Loki away in a helicopter. It was still a WIP when I read it but hopefully its been updated/finished by now. Thanks!
Steve's shoulder

Tony being good with kids

Hey there,

Anyone have any recs for fics that have Tony being good with kids? I'd particularly like it if he is unexpectedly good with them, as in the rest of the Avengers/whoever expect him to be terrible.

Also, anyone have any good recs for de-aged Avengers? I'd prefer it involving Tony and/or Steve, individually or with the rest of the team.

For all of the above gen or Steve/Tony would be ideal, but I'll take anything. Thanks!