August 2nd, 2013


Body image in fanfiction

I recently become interested in body image in fanfiction and I would love any recs for stories addressing the matter. It doesn't have to be the main focus, it's okay if it's just one of the plot points or even just a mention. I will be especially thankful for stories that include the perception of self and the others based on weight (healthy or unhealthy gain/loss, dieting, food issues...)  and height (Tony?) and age (the differences in the team etc.), not just being "pretty/handsome" or "ugly". If you know fics that are POV of someone from outside the avengers or include the way media deals with body image in MCU, I'd be in love. Besides that any pairings, characters, genres are welcome.

Thank you very much in advance!! 

Clint taken care of by team

Hi everyone! I've recently read some good fics where Clint is either hurt or just exhausted post-mission and is being cared for by the team - Bruce, Steve and Tony in particular.
Does anyone have any recommendations for similar fics?
(I would prefer non-slash; I enjoy the friendship/bromance fics).
Thanks in advance! :)