August 3rd, 2013

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Outside POV, maybe Darcy?

This has been driving me crazy for a while.

I'm searching for a story which I think was an outside POV story, possibly from Darcy's perspective (but not first person POV)? The only scene I recall involves Justin Hammer; he's been after Pepper Potts somehow, and Tony catches him and deposits him on the floor of... Pepper's office, maybe? I recall Justin Hammer lunging for her and then instead promptly vomiting on the floor from the G-forces.

Any idea?
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Strength over intelligence, say what?

The other day I read 'The straightest Path' by sinemoras09.

You can read a detailed summary under the spoiler cut or go read it yourself (it's only 4300 words). But basically it boils down to it that Loki offers a clever solution to a problem where brute strength fails repeatedly and gets vilified for it on Asgard because using your brain and/or magic is cheating and bodily strength is the only honorable way to get something.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Summary: There is an impenetrable gate built by the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim in Asgard. It protects some sort of amulet (not really important) but nowadays it serves as some sort of test for young warriors to show their mettle. It is said that no one in a thousand years managed to best that gate, except Odin. The warriors three and Sif beat on it and don't even make a dent. Thor only makes a tiny scratch with his hammer and Loki looks at the gate, sees that it is really impenetrable and walks through the rock instead to get the amulet. A very clever solution, except everybody calls him a cheater (except Thor), Sif even spits on him and Odin yells and heaps disappointment on him.

My first thought after reading it was 'Jane would hate that'. Then I thought, 'Tony would hate that too'. And then I realized that pretty much everybody of the Avengers would think this kind of reasoning ridiculous at best, dangerous and useless at worst.

Anyway, now I'm searching for stories where this cultural difference comes up. E.g. Someone tells Thor (or Odin or any other Asgardian) how stupid this kind of thinking is. An Asgardian realizes it on his/her own because of their interaction with the Avengers. Jane breaks her engagement to Thor because she could never raise her children in Asgard with an attitude like this. Really, anything with this kind of theme would work for me. Bonus points if Loki also plays a role and gets some kind of recognition, but its not necessary. It doesn't even have to end well. If Thor refuses to listen and nothing gets resolved then that's fine too.

Anyone have some recommendations for stories like these?

@Admins, I had a really hard time tagging this because nothing really fits. Could we maybe have theme tags like 'culture clash' or 'cultural differences' and 'Asgard' or 'Asgardian society' or 'Asgardians' tag? Not sure if it's really needed for just this one post.