August 6th, 2013

Loki- God of Mischief

So, I've been reading a lot of fics focusing on Loki lately, and I was hoping that some extremely kind people could possibly help me out in continuing my addiction. ^_^

I'm really craving some works where the author focuses on the fact that Loki isn't simply your next door neighbor, but the immortal God of Mischief and Chaos with all the sheer awesomeness that that incurs. In particular, although I am a huge FrostIron fan, so anything in that nature would be very much appreciated, I'm also looking for one particular type of Loki fic that I'm having trouble finding.

I read a story once a long time ago where Loki showed up to Tony in his childhood and in Afghanistan, but it was a WIP and stopped before the Avengers. If anyone has any recommendations for some fiction where Loki meets Tony in some other way than in the canon, especially if it was in his role of God of Chaos/Creation, I cannot tell you how awesome that would be! I especially would like to see some fiction where the idea of religion and worship plays a part if any exists.

Any type of Loki as a God fic would be appreciated, be it pre-avengers, during Avengers, ANYTHING. ^_^ This is my first time posting a request, so I'm super-excited to see what happens!

Thank you!
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Steve/Tony fancomic

Hello :)

I'm looking for a fancomic that i saw on archiveofourown

It's a Steve/Tony one where Steve wishes that Tony wasn't as smart as he was or something and Loki hears that wish and grants it.

So suddenly Tony can't remember how to run the suit and he needs help making popcorn and he teaches himself how to read again.

And Steve kept hearing the team out of context teaching Tony something completely innocent, but it sounded dirty so he came bursting in to see Clint tying his shoe laces or Tony doing Natasha's nails.

Steve helps Tony shave at one point.

It was really well written and illustrated.

Thanks for your help!