August 12th, 2013

Law and Order Crossovers(and a few others)

I am looking for any and all law&order crossovers that have tony stark as the victim.

Also looking for any Tony fics that have tons of tony angst in them .

Also looking for arc reactor angst fics.

As well as any fics that have tong as a agent of SHIELD.

And any Tony-Is-Sherlock would be loved.

SHIELD tries to manipulate Steve using Sharon

I'm looking for a specific story but I only remember some scenes.

Fury gives Steve a letter or something he claims is from Peggy and encourages him to call her. Steve shows Tony the letter and Tony calls a phone number given in the letter pretending to be Fury with JARVIS help.
SHIELD has gas (?) put into his appartment that would knock him out in order to convince to move to a safer location. They just didn't expect Bruce and Tony to be there with him that day. I think Tony was temporarily blinded during that incident but I could be confusing this with another scene or another story.
Natasha supports SHIELD's attempts to force an emotional connection between Sharon and Steve.
When it becomes clear that Steve is not interested in dating Sharon, SHIELD then tries to convince him that she is his and Peggy's daughter.

Does anyone know this story?
Textual; Signage

Clint leaves SHIELD without telling anyone

I remember reading a fic a while back, where Clint leaves SHIELD without telling anyone and tries to go into hiding. Coulson and Natasha both find him and Clint ends up in hotel room with Coulson (with Natasha in the room next door). (I think) Clint ends up tied to a chair, and there's some violence while Coulson/Natasha try to convince Clint that they're not letting him be alone or leave without them.

I think it's Clint/Coulson first time...