August 18th, 2013

Tender Tony

Hey everyone, hopefully I'm posting this properly (I'm technologically handicapped it seems). What I am really hoping to find are stories with Tony Stark as Iron Man and fighting alongside the avengers. It can be during the avengers movie or after. The twist is that he has a kid. Age or gender of the kid doesn't matter but I want to see some paternal Tony. Now a couple things I don't want lol. So I'm not looking for a story where he is a dad alongside all the avengers. I also don't want his parenthood to start when the avengers starts. I want them to find out that he has been a dad for sometime and been doing an okay job of it. I read one WIP a while ago and fell in love with the idea. But it was so short :(

Beyond that I'm easy to please. Any pairing is fine, angst or fluff is a-ok. And self recs are welcome.

Thanks so much in advance :D. Once i get the hang of this maybe i can help others find stories too :).

Ps. Sorry mod in advance. I don't think i did the tags right. Pls forgive a newbie.
Jason Todd, Bucky Barnes

Fic Search: Bucky was always Winter Soldier

Hi Slightly strange request, but I was wondering are there any fics where Bucky was always the Winter soldier? Including in World War 2? Sorry, I've just being reading/writing a lot of AU Fics (Steve as a Nazi and as a Communist), and I was wondering about how it would work if Steve is introduced to this 16 year old Russian Assisian... Yes, i know I'm weird.

steve bike

Steve needs more food

I've checked a lot of 'Steve's metabolism is faster than the average human's, so he needs to eat more' fics, but I haven't found the one I'm looking for. I only remember two things: Steve, for whatever reason, doesn't eat as much as he should and when the team realizes what's going on, Clint cooks him something that is really high in protein, kinda like a homemade protein bar. I think he says he learned how to make it in the circus?

There are a lot of fics that fit the first part, but I can't find the one that has this Clint scene and I've been looking for a while now, it's driving me crazyy. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, I'll love you forever.