August 27th, 2013

Bite me!

Clint switches places with himself from an alternate dimension


I am looking for a specific fic. It was a WIP over at archivesofourown and had about 4 chapters so far.

This is what I remember:

After the events of the movies Clint is ridden with guilt about Coulsons death and wants to die himself. Loki meets him on a hill. He lets Clint Switch places with his alternste self, who's lying in a coma.
In this world there're some key differences:
1.Alternate Clint and Phil are together.
2.Alternate Clint knows nothing about Phils work with SHIELD and is not a part of the Avengers (Bucky is their Sniper)
3.Alternate Clint is a K9 police officer and owns a dog
4.Alternate Clint is not dyslexic

Of course everybody is suprised about Clints quick recovery (and that he woke up in the first place) and wonder where he gor all his knowledge about SHIELD and the Avengers.
I searched the archive up and down but couldn't find it. If somebody has a link or safed a copy of the fic I would be very happy.

Thank you in advance