August 28th, 2013

Fic Where Tony is shot

Can someone please help me find the fic where Tony and the team are out and about and suddenly Tony is shot.
I don't remember much but I remember it starts with after he is shot and is attacking the team thinking its the enemy.

Then when they are at the hospital the team sits by his bedside and talk to him one by one. Please tell me someone knows what I'm talking about
  • kleptik

Clint/Coulson Fic Search

Hi! I am looking for two fics:

Fic 1: Fury makes a comment to Coulson that Clint has a reputation about sleeping around and Coulson gets mad telling Fury that he does not know Clint.

I believe this was also the fic that involved Coulson asking Clint out on a first date and does not sleep with him on the first night making Clint think he is not interested. But then Clint is surprised when Coulson asks him on another date shortly after.

Easily Replaceable by chapter 5.

Fic 2. I think the first chapter has Clint hurt from a stab or gunshot wound. He is young/skinny/underfed in this fic and has not joined SHIELD. He manages to crawl into a vent and SHIELD is surprised that he managed to pull himself into one despite being injured. I think they had to pull him out, but i don't remember if he was unconscious or not...sorry that's pretty vague.

Thank you!