August 29th, 2013

  • afton89

Loki/Tony recs? Tony is the messed up one?


I have read some Loki/Tony fics where Loki has all the problems, be it illness, insanity, injury, etc. and where Tony is the strong one.

Are there any fics where Tony is the weak one with all the problems? He is the human after all.

Please someone rec some for me?!

Sconefic and Sherlock

There really needs to be a scone tag because I love scone stories for some reason.

What I remember of the fic is that it was a Clint/Coulson pairing, Phil brought different flavored scones to briefings and Clint really enjoyed them. There was a line of some sort where Clint, very seriously, says to Coulson "Next time... next time can you bring blueberry?" or some version of those words and next time there were blueberry scones. There may have been a nut scone or a lemon glazed one too?

Second request:

Team movie night ends up being with the movie Sherlock Holmes with Tony Stark acting as Sherlock. I remember Steve being intrigued by Tony's voice in the movie. I don't think it was a pairing, but I don't remember for sure.

Thank you for your help.


Help! I'm uber bored and i need help finding some fics! ;

1. OT6 pairing or friendship
2. Science BF's
3. Science Bro's
4. Loki!Whump
5. Hurt!Loki
6. major Tony!Whump
7. IronWidow
8. Natasha protective over Tony
9. IronHawk
10. Clint protective over Tony
11. IronAgent
12. Coulson protective over Tony
13. Tony is a mutant any kind
14. MerchantOfDeath!Tony
15. Competent!Tony
16. Insecure!Tony
17. SpidyPool with superfamily
18. Doctor!Tony
19. Artist!Tony
20. anything that deals with tony not being a stark but someone different , like being thors son, coulsons son, clints brother , lokis son, odins son, laufeys son , a potter, a winchester, ect. stuff like that.
21. Tony growing up different, like being an assassin or a Shield agent, maybe even growing up with natasha and/or clint, or being raised by fury(+100 if you can find that!)
23. arc reactor !whump
24. role reversal (tony centric)
25. anything that has tony having another identity, preferably from another fandom.
26. Bamf!Tony
to mods; i will try to tag this properly, but i might miss some, sorry if i do!

to readers; HELP!!!

I Still Can't Find This One...

I've been trying to find this one for months, but I haven't been able to locate it.
What I can remember is that for some reason Steve and Tony were on a plane going someplace. Steve kept calling the flight attendants 'dames' and then mentally scolding himself. At some point in the flight they eat something that either Tony or the attendant made (eggs?). Steve notes that Tony doesn't look to good, and Tony is shaking and sweating as he collects their dishes. The flight attendant tries to take the dishes, but Tony insists that he can take them. The flight attendant isn't catching on to Tony attempting to leave the room, but I think that Steve does at this point. Tony drops the dishes and shoves past the attendant to vomit into the sink. I can remember the woman shrieking 'Eww!' at this point and Steve goes to comfort Tony. I think that Steve felt guilty about leaving a mess for the attendants, but was more concerned for Tony. Tony was very upset and I think he may have cried a bit and then he and Steve snuggled on a sofa.
I'm sorry for the long explanation but I have literally spent multiple hours searching for this. I keep thinking that it may have been Bruce instead of Steve, so that might be, but I almost certain that it's not (I don't know if I need to tag that...). I don't know where it was from. I just know I read it at some stupidly early hour in the morning and didn't bookmark it. Thanks in advance. THANK YOU!!