September 2nd, 2013

fallen angel

Hulk's Room | Bottom!Clint | Bottom!Bucky

Hey everyone!

I'm looking for one specific story and recommendations for two types of stories.

1. The only thing I remember about the specific story is that Hulk's got his own room, where he can touch a panel and it lets him open and close the door so that he feels safe in there. Also, he can ask Jarvis to play vids of animals to keep him entertained.

2. I would love recommendations on stories with Clint/Coulson with Bottom!Clint. The sexier, the better. Also, if Clint was a power bottom that would be amazing.

3. Same thing for Bottom!Bucky with a Steve/Bucky pairing.

Thank you very much!
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I've just read this kink meme entry and was hoping someone would know of any other good dom/sub or omega verse stories. I don't mind the paring, or the dom/sub combination, as long as it's Tony/ anyone and it's complete. ive already read Not This Omega by Annehiggins, Living In the Shadow by psychick, and Never Judge a Cover by blossomdreams.