September 15th, 2013

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The truth about Bruce's accident

In the Incredible Hulk, Ross stated that Bruce had no idea he was working on the super soldier project/had been lied to about his work, but in the Avengers, Coulson tells Steve that Bruce was trying to replicate the serum (also implying Bruce was in on the idea).

Fanwanking to assume that the military changed the story to make Bruce look more at fault for the accident, I'm looking for any fics that deal with Steve/the team/whoever finding out the truth and/or being surprised by the fact that Bruce hadn't been trying to turn himself into Captain America.

(Note: I've already read 'What We Pretend to Be', but if there are more like this out there it'd be great!)

Any pairings/genres/etc (I'm pretty much down with anything), so long as it addresses this issue in some way...

Thanks in advance!
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Fic recs: Gay Chicken

Hi, I'm looking for any and all fanfics that feature gay chicken. I don't care who's playing it with who, just. Gay chicken being played. Whether or not it ends in a relationship is also not really that important.