September 16th, 2013

loves bitch

Looking for a fic ** found ** link in comments


I hope you can help I'm looking for a story where Tony takes in the other members of the avengers like stray cats and helps them out with money and stuff, it is a AU so no power or anything.

Bruce he finds and then pays for him to go to school and then for his trips with like doctors without boarders
Clint was an archer and stane was supposed to give them new equipment for the olympics in china

Loki and thor he finds in vegas, with loki doing magic tricks and thor fighting?

I remember it was about them all coming home

If you can help me find this i will be so so gratefull


Avengers think Clint is dead

All I have is this one tiny scene fragment of Clint being really injured and pretty exhausted, trying to get to the top of Stark Tower and about to use the lift when two Chitauri(/robots?) pop up from nowhere to attack him. There may be an explosion which damages Jarvis' sensors which is why everyone thinks he's dead It was probably a rewrite of the Avengers film. That's all I've got. Help a gal out?