September 17th, 2013

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Alpha/Omega Clint/Coulson

I've tried everywhere I can think of to find this one, and just can't find it based on what I remember...

Clint (an alpha) wants Coulson but thinks he's a bad alpha. Steve ends up fighting Clint for Coulson, and nearly kills him. Coulson breaks his wrist/hand in Steve's face. I think Thor or Iron Man have to take Steve down, and he gets suspended.

It's a multi chapter fic, not sure if it's still a WIP.

Found here.

Tony/Loki mpreg

Okay so this fic is driving me insane, really. Loki and Tony are in a secret relationship and Tony gets pregnant, but before any of them knows of it Loki leaves. Then the symptoms start and Tony goes to Bruce to find out whats wrong with him and then Thor finds out and leaves to find Loki. Tony goes into labor and loses a lot of blood and almost dies.  Just in that moment Thor and Loki arrive and Loki is terrified because he doesn't know whats happening  I know it sounds a lot like Getting Attached by Sinlesschick6 but it's not that one. I'm sure about the giving birth and almost diying part. And i can't find it. Please help.