September 30th, 2013

Looking for a fic

Hi! I'm looking for a fic, it's about Tony as he sleepwalks. What I can remember about the plot is that Tony and Steve are together and Steve follows after Tony as he hands back shoes to the avengers (before herding him back to bed). Another thing is that Tony made out onto the balcony and scared Steve. That's about it, appreciate any help.

small pre-serum ALPHA STEVE

hey guys,

i'm looking for a specific omegaverse steve/tony fic. for the majority of the fic steve is still pre-serum but is an alpha. he is courting omega!tony, and i remember he gives tony engine parts as a gift. at the end of the fic steve takes the serum and becomes the big alpha he's always wanted to be for tony.

any help please? google hasn't been very helpful :(

i'm also looking for a dom!steven sub!tony fic, where tony is a sub that has no respect for any doms, he always pull pranks on them, and many doms talk behind his back. steve is the only dom who doesn't agree and he shows tony that he's the right dom for him.