October 1st, 2013

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Searching for Clint post-mission fic

I read this recently and foolishly forgot to bookmark it. Clint returns from a mission dirty and exhausted. Coulson is waiting for him on the quinjet with wet towels in Clint's go-bag so Clint can clean up. There are also painkillers for him. I remember it being very well-written with good, believable characterizations -- anyone remember what it was? thanks!

Find a specific fic bruce and tony friendship angst

I am looking for this fic where it is Bruce and Tony in a lab I think and bruce walks up to tony and he sees fear in Tony's eyes for a moment then he gets angry but Tony was actually having a panic attack/flashback to the whole Stane scene and tony is trying to explain but fails and ends up showing him the Obadiah Stane clip which is that whole scene and then Bruce is horrified and forgives Tony and it is a giant ball of fluff and angst if anyone knows what it is it would be really helpful thank you!

Please excuse any messed up tags this is my first time posting