October 2nd, 2013

Searching for Tony terminal illness fic

Im Searching for a fic that I read a while ago, and obviously I cant remember what it's called.
It's along fic, and Tony gets really sick (I think it's terminal, and i think he dies at the end)
It's a Steve/Tony fic, but i think that he's with Pepper at the start, because she ends up pregnant with his child, but they break up before she knows about it.
Pepper doesnt know that he's dying, and I think she's together with Happy later.
Tony just gets sicker and sicker as it goes on, and at one point he and Steve go to the beach late at night, and are coming back on the Subway, and Tony is sleeping on Steve's shoulder, and this lady on the train asks if he is sick, and Steve says yes, and she says that her husband looked the same before he died.
Also, I think at the start he is drinking alot and maybe taking alot of pills to mask the pain, and they kindof think that he's just being self destructive.
And he eventually goes for one last flight in the suit even though they say its too dangerous, and he almost dies doing that... i think.
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Lie back and think of Asgard

Hi everyone,
 I am looking for a loki/thor fic where they are married and New York did not happen. They are having sex and Loki is bored so he plays on his phone. He talks to Natasha about it and she says something like, "lie back and think of Asgard." Loki says, "Oh you have it too." Loki also has really long hair and likes to keep it braided.

Mutant!Tony Stark

Hello everyone, this is my first time posting here so I not completely sure of how to do this... :$

So, I'm looking for this Fic where Tony stark was a mutant and he had lived with Charles Xavier during the star of the school. Storm,Scott and Jean Grey was the only ones he knew before he left.
Years pass and the Avengers movie happens and S.H.E.I.L.D are supposed to work with the X-men or something and Charles sends Tony a X-men suit and he later gets found out to be a mutant by the avengers team...

that's pretty much all that I remember, anybody know this?

Thank you so much!

ps. English is not my first language so my grammar might not be the best... =)

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