October 9th, 2013

Gods Power Rangers - Red

Specific Fic Search : Bruce willingly locked up

I read it on Ao3 for sure, plot goes like this more or less:

bruce agrees to get locked up, and Shield provides him with a small apartment, where no one ever visits and he goes slowly crazy, builds pillow fort, stops eating and then culson, clint and natasha (and a few times maria hill), start visiting him as a reward for good behavior (he has to start eating regulatory, ect.). natasha starts teaching him russian.
and then something happens and no one visits again and he starts going crazy and talking to his invisible friends again... and so on,

anyone? sound familiar? will provide my firstborn in reward for link to this story!

EDIT: as billiant melodyunity pointed out its equally brillaint Running with Scissors by SMcCoy

Steve/Darcy fic help!?!?!

I'm looking for a Steve/Darcy fic, where Darcy ends up working for S.H.I.E.L.D and as she is working her way through the training, she's insightful about the exercises that happen. Ummm, in the story, the first time she 'meets' hawkeye he's asking her questions, and eventually she's gotten (I don't want to say paranoid, but it kind of is paranoia) jumpy and he lands behind her so she unbuttons her blouse a little and kicks him in the unmentionables.

However, she met Natasha in her apartment building, where Steve also resides, but Darcy doesn't know that Steve is Captain America, until she ends up getting promoted to Coulson's assistant. ummmm, there is a lot more I remember, but it doesn't really make sense in the order it's coming to my mind.

Oh, one scene is where during training Darcy spots Coulson, who is walking with a cane, and she runs after him so that she can tell him that one of the songs on her IPod (New York New York I think it was) was incorrect, because she copied it via record player and laptop speaker. However, the agents that went to copy it the same way were startled and somewhat afraid of a pig (hog?), and gramma Lewis chastised Darcy for not warning her that men in suits would randomly appear at her door to do the copying of the song.

Another scene is where Darcy is in the lobby coffee shop (at least I assume it was the lobby it didn't really specify) and two agents are talking about how Clint can't be trusted because he had been brain washed and so would eventually turn evil, when Darcy tazes him. Then tells him that he would need to fill out a form for 'being a dumbass in public', which then becomes an actual form.