October 19th, 2013

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Stony Fic Recs

So, i'm looking for some Stony fics that feature them together. i'm a huge Stony fan, and while i love the idea that Tony would love Steve no matter the muscles he wears, i'd love to see a fic with Tony admitting to Steve that he wouldn't be attracted to pre-serum Steve. i don't see anything wrong with the honesty in regards to his desires and what attracts him. And i'd prefer for Steve to not be offended by it for too long. i don't want Steve to break up with Tony because of the admission.

Tony has very expensive taste, and pre-serum Steve would not meet those expensive tastes, especially without the muscles and the bulk and the gorgeousness. And Steve is deprecating enough to know that people aren't attracted to him. It is a reality of his pre-war life, after all. Any help?

Thanks in advance!