October 24th, 2013

Clint Red & Blue

Sleepy Clint Team Fic

Hi, I'm normally a lurker but have this fic stuck in my head and I cant find it and it is driving me crazy!

OK so it is from Clint's point of view and he's coming back from some mission and he is really tired. He runs into Steve and Bruce and both men note how tired he seems and he ends up leaving with them and i think they were going to Stark Tower, Clint falls asleep on the way there, and the next thing he knows Steve is actually carrying him into the tower and i remember he was really surprised that he didn't wake up when Steve picked him up,but chooses to not say that he had woken up.
Then Tony is in the main room and snarks about Cap carrying Clint and that the Assassin is sleeping through them talking, Clint was going to continue to fake sleep and hopefully fall back to sleep but Tony touches him and he reacts instinctively and startles all of them, i don't remember what happens after that.

Also if you could rec any team fics where the movie verse team finds out about Barney or about Clint/Phil relationship (i'd prefer that Phil not be really dead,)I'd be really grateful, either Clint/Phil or gen please thanks!


Found: "A Cookie Never Hurts" by YukinaKid it's over on Ao3 comes right up when you Google it.

Steve Hurts Tony Unintentionally

I'm looking for a fic where Steve becomes angry with Tony and does something even Steve himself doesn't anticipate, like shoving or hitting him, but he ends up seriously hurting Tony and nearly has a panic attack realizing it afterwards.

The one in particular that I'm look for is the two of them in the kitchen and Stark puts his hand on Steve's should, trying to lighten the mood or something and Steve totally overreacts, throwing/shoving Tony into the counter or something and doing serious damage to his chest area/lung/arc reactor/ow and ends up waiting nervously by Tony's bedside for him to wake up.

I'm very nit picky about characterization and whatnot, so I wasn't thrilled with this fic per se, but the concept was pretty cool and I'd like to read more fics like that if you have them.

Thank you so much for your time and patience!!

Thor Zaps Tony

So I read this forever ago and haven't been able to find it since. I'm pretty sure Tony snatched Mjoulnir as a prank and in retaliation Thor loses his temper and accidentally? zaps the everloving crap out of him in front of Steve who's ready to rant and rave at him for being irresponsible. It would have been easier to tell him off if the arc reactor weren't short circuiting~ because now the good Captain is in a panic and rushing to get Tony a new reactor before the shrapnel reaches his heart.

Any takers? :D

Tony/Steve Fic Hunt-Perceived Infidelity

Hey all.

Haven't been on here in a while, but I'm trying to find a certain story and I'm drawing a blank.  Hopefully someone will be able to help.

I'm looking for a specific Tony/Steve story.  I think they are married but it may just be a committed relationship.  Tony is in his workshop when he sees a news report of Steve with an unknown woman on his arm (there may have been kissing) at a party he and Tony were supposed to be at.  Tony is devastated and locks himself in the workshop.  Only, when Steve shows up he is completely confused since he was at SHIELD all day training and helping with the new recruits.  It couldn't have been him, yet there is the photo evidence.  I believe Pepper slaps Steve and Clint punches him the next morning?  They are trying to figure out what is going on when Thor drags Loki the shapeshifter into the kitchen.  Steve sees red and the story ends up with a reconciliation between Tony and Steve.  I remember a line where Steve tells Tony that is Steve ever does cheat, Tony is to dump his ass and Steve is proud of Tony for protecting himself by hiding from Steve.

Does anyone know this story?  I am almost positive it is from AO3 and that is is a recent story, but it may be older since I've been digging around on there recently.  Help!  I really want to re-read this, since I've been on a Steve-cheats-on-Tony kick today and I need a happy fluffy angst story to ameliorate some of the bitterness I've been reading and I want a story where Tony has a healthy reaction to Steve's infidelity, rather than immediately forgiving him.    

Clint Pre Avengers Alternate Backstory

I have been looking for over six months and cannot find this story. I think there are two stories but the author didn't link them together.

1. Clint is working for SHIELD, has a crush on Coulson, but doesn't do anything about it. He has had a long line of crappy relationships and gets into another abusive relationship with an ambulance driver, who turns out to be a mutant who is really strong. They always stay at Clints crappy apartment, that he only got because his boyfriend kept asking where he lived and he couldn't tell him he lived on the SHIELD base. The guy's really rough with him but he doesn't do anything about it because it's not messing with his job, until it does. He gets injured on a mission and has to take off his clothes and Coulson sees all the bruises, and suddenly Clint is staying at Phil's place and not allowed to see that guy anymore, and they start a relationship.

2. It is a prequel to the first one. A teen Clint ends up working for… some loser who is already employing Natasha, for burglery I think, but she's still the Black Widow, eventually. Clint helps her escape from this guy and Clint stays and ends up being abused by him. The guy burns down the house of a nice couple Clint knows.

When Clint is working for SHIELD he still brings Natasha in but she was working for the loser again, who may be a clone?

I hope I haven't mixed up multiple stories. Please help me find them! I am beyond desperate.