October 29th, 2013

Tony H/C fic

It's a one-shot, not very long either.
Basically what happens in it is that Tony has blown up his lab and the fire alarm goes off. The Sprinkler system puts the fire out and Tony is injured. He wakes to the team gathering around him and forcing him to go to the hospital and promising to take care of him and stuff.

I read it months ago but haven't been able to find it again. I know it was on A03.

I appreciate your time. Thank you.

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Okay, this is a Stony fic that I've been searching for forever.

All I remember is this:

  • Someone hacks the Iron Man suit and makes Tony attack the rest of the team.

  • Tony tries to get Cap to kill him/take out the suit before he's made to kill his teammates. Spoiler alert: He doesn't.

  • They're fighting robots or something when this happens.

  • Hammer (?) is the one who hires a kid hacker with a hate-on for Tony to hack the suit.

  • At the end, the team releases the comm recordings to the press to prove that Tony didn't just go crazy.

  • Tony and Steve are okay with this (even though it would pretty much out them as being in a relationship.)

  • Natasha has to take a few days away to make her mind about telling the press, but ultimately comes around.

Any help you guys can give would be appreciated. I've been looking for this damn fic for days. 

Looking for Specific Tony kidnapping fic

Ok I'm looking for a story where Tony was kidnapped and raped by some guy. I remember the guy wore plaid shirts. I'm pretty sure Tony rescued himself and he called Jarvis to bring him the suit.

There was a tough recover process as well. Steve's shirts bothered Tony because they were plaid and I think he got along best with Clint.

Also at one point he went back to the area where he was held during his kidnapping and had dinner with a family there who didn't recognize him because he looked a mess.

I really hope someone can tell me what this story was cause I wanna reread it so bad! Thanks ahead of time!