October 30th, 2013

Arc Reactor angst with a side if sick Tony

Can someone please help me find this fic where Tonywxakes up feeling crappy and to sure why. He goes to the kitchen where the rest of the team is and they all ask if he is okay. A reminder pops on his tablet and then he remembers he was suppose to fix the AR. The tea finds out that he haven't been keeping up with repairing the AR or making sure there is a spare in case he needsa new one right away. The team chaste him and the give him some comfort.

Hope that rings some bells for someone. I love this story and have been looking for it for ages.
userpic, ianto/jacj

A Steve/Tony fic


I'm looking for a specific Steve/Tony fic that I think was on the avenger kink meme, but I'm not sure.

Tony thinks that Steve is thinking of taking him off the team, he overhears Steve talking to one of the others (Clint?) saying how he can't be on the same team as Tony. So Tony tries to do better in fear of being kicked off the team.

Then Steve starts coming on to Tony and Tony thinks this is his way to keep himself on the team so he goes with it. He think Steve is using him for sex in exchange for staying on the team and Tony actually hates it. At some point Steve says they should tell the other Avengers and Tony is reluctant because he's ashamed.

But it turns out that Steve was actually in love with Tony and just came onto him because he liked him and is horrified to find out that Tony felt forced into what happened.

I've looked all through my bookmarks and I can't find it anywhere!

Thanks so much for your help!