November 1st, 2013

Looking for a Thor fic

Hi, can anyone please help me to locate a Thor fic?

I think it's canon AU after the 1st Thor movie, Loki fell to earth and everyone thought he's dead. Then he proceeds to make amends by helping Jane Foster with her research so that they can be used for repairing the Bifrost bridge. It's kinda redemption!Loki, and there are a lot of details on how he began to become friends with Jane and Darcy and others. In the end they succeeded and open the Bifrost and Thor came, then of course Thor recognized Loki and happy end.

BTW just watched Thor 2 tonight. OMG LOKI HOW CAN YOU BE MORE AWESOME I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Everyone watches Thor 2 will fall in love with Loki I AM SO NOT KIDDING. NO ONE CAN NOT LOVE HIM.

A Tony/Steve story

Hi All!

I have been looking for this fix for a long time,
I can remember that is was kind of special, A/B/O or BDSM universe,
Steve was thinking that that Tony was acting out of his place and later put him in forced submission (I think) and thought he was correct in doing so. The rest of the team finds out and are very upset with him, explaining that thing had changed over the years. It was writer from Steve's POV...

Thats it I believe, please help? I'll love you forever!XP