November 3rd, 2013

Praise, Sun

FOUND! Lost Loki Fic

Hi All,

I'm looking for a Loki fic, set post-Avengers. Loki is taken back to Asgard and I believe the Avengers come along. Odin is a prat and decides to punish Loki for his actions on Midgard by taking away his magic and having Loki's mouth sewn shut again. Only, instead of Thor turning the needle on Loki, he starts to sew his own lips shut.

Additional things that I think I remember from the story but am not sure: Part of a series? Odin taking Loki's magic away is extremely painful for Loki? Frigga wants to protest but Odin basically keeps telling her to sit down and shut up? The Avengers being all like 'hell no, Odin, you are a terrible parent? Loki (obviously) being terrified about having his lips sewn shut again?

Hope some of this is ringing bells for people!
Coulson in shades

Tony is captured on a solo mission. Team watches over him at hospital.

Hello Everyone!

Here's the description of the fic I'm looking for:

Tony as Iron Man goes off on a special mission for Fury. He thinks he can handle it alone. He sneaks out of the tower before the team breakfast. The team, when they find he’s missing, rescues him. He’s nearly dead. He’s doesn’t give away any secrets and he’s basically ready to die. He’s done his duty and kept his team, his family safe. Clint finds him first and tries to tend to some wounds. The rest of the team show up and carry him out of his cell. He’s in a coma for a week or so then he sleeps pretty much round the clock. There is always a member of the team with him he’s not fully awake or thinking clearly. Tony wakes up to Natasha’s quiet crying. Thor is there when he starts having bad dreams and cradles him till he calms down. Another time the Hulk is actually there and it freaks Tony the f**K out until he realizes it’s Hulk cradling him. Everyone, even Coulson, watches over him till he wakes up. When Tony can move on his own, he goes to find Clint. For some reason Clint’s freaking out. Coulson explains that Clint was the one who found him first and saw all his wounds/.injuries. Tony slowly finds a freaked out Clint perched up on top of a vending machine.

I don’t think it was slash. I do think it was team as family. I remember a note from the author say it might be seen as a second part to a story about the team breakfast with cuddles becoming an important thing in the Avengers lives.

After Tony’s recuperation, when another mission comes up and Fury requests Tony, Everyone else flatly refuses to let him go. Tony is both harmed and miffed by this.

I had this fic for quite a while until I decided to do some quick file-cleanup.  Cleaning up your SD cards and flash drives on 4 hours sleep is NOT the thing to do!

I’ve done some searching and it’s not “Containment” by D. I have that fic and it’s wonderful. It’s very similar but not the one I’m looking for.

Thanks in advance for any help given!
Dance a Bitch

Looking for a specific fic with a movie-verse kid-Loki

I'm looking for a fic that's set in movie-verse, the set up is that Loki did some kind of Lokiesque thing and set off a spell that turned Tony into a woman, de-super-soldiered Steve, body-swapped Nat and Bruce and, because Clint was out of range when it when off, accidently hit Loki and de-aged him.

I can't remember the title or the name of the author, can you?