November 4th, 2013

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Loki/thor MPREG hiding out in avengers mansion specific fic

I am looking for a fic where Thor is the father of all of Loki's children. Loki is pregnant again so they hide out in the avengers mansion trying to escape from odin. Odin shows up after Loki gives birth. Can't remember the rest.

Would also love rec for more of loki's awesome parenting stories

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Hey Everyone! I'm looking for two fics (and associated recs) today, and I'm losing my mind trying to find them! I hope you can help!

1) The first fic is one where Steve and Tony are together, and they have a child. I can't remember whether it was mpreg or whether the kid was adopted, or whether it was Peter Parker. I think the kid was quite young. And somehow, Howard Stark comes into the future, or is reanimated or whatever. He's basically a dick, but only to Tony. The thing that stands out the most is the homophobia though, I remember him telling Tony something like "You're not good enough for Steve" or something. And I remember a scene in which Howard is yelling at Tony and the kid, and Tony yells back because no one offends his child. And then Steve walks in and thinks Tony's misbehaving and tells him off, in front of everyone, as if he's the one to blame. I remember the kid (maybe?) asking Tony if daddy didn't love them anymore. I'm pretty sure it was resolved in the end. Anyone know which fic I'm on about?
--> In related requests, any recs for fics where the team/steve find out about just exactly how massive a bag of dicks Howard Stark was. I don't mind if there's time travelling, or if it's just videos or what, as long as Tony's validated. Naturally, I'd like if Tony wasn't a woobie, but sometimes I guess it's unavoidable.

2) The second fic is much darker than the first. The fic revolved around a kidnapping. In the sense that Tony'd been nabbed by someone and he fought his way out of it because he didn't expect anyone would care. The team noticed he was missing but when they asked him where he'd been, he brushed it off as having been on holiday or something. Maybe Steve scolded him for it? They found out that he'd been kidnapped in the end though, and that he was medicating himself and taking care of his own injuries and everyone was horrified. I remember that later in the fic it came out that Tony had some serious illness which had required him to recuperate somewhere out of New York, and that while he'd been healing, he'd built and designed Jarvis. There was also some sort of code-word between Tony, Happy and Jarvis, where they used it to point out something important, in front of the rest of the team. I remember that Jarvis mentioned he didn't trust Rhodey, even though Tony had forgiven him, because he'd never forget the suit stealing incident. I remember it being heart-breaking, and very well written. I hope someone knows what I'm talking about!
--> Are there any fics in which Tony is more cautious, and more serious than he's portrayed in fandom? Like fics where everyone who spends any time with him can tell that his TV personna is a personality only, and that he doesn't talk when he doesn't need to, and doesn't spend any time with the people he doesn't need to see, and that he's actually just working all the time. Any fic in which people genuinely respect Tony, and I'm not just talking about the Team. Like other people. His board, his business partners, people who work for him, because he's a good boss. They work hard and he takes care of them. Am I making sense?

I hope you guys can help me! I'm losing my mind here! Thanks in advance!


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Hi All!

I'm looking for a specific fic that has Clint targeting Tony's robots. Tony keeps making these weird little robots and Clint, who thinks they are all going to go evil, keeps using them for target practice and keeps hurting them, not realizing that they are aware and can feel it. I think there was an element of Tony/Steve and Clint/Coulson, but I'm not 100% positive. I think there might have been a little Dummy named Baby that follows Steve around, but I could be mixing two fics up. Thanks for any assistance!

Loki hurt/comfort fics

Hello everyone, I think this community is amazing so I've joined livejournal again, just to look for a couple of fics.

1) Loki is taken back to Asgard by Thor and is not really accepted by the people of the city and is mocked/attacked. He gets hit on the head by a stone and has to be taken to the healers but he doesn't remember the event.

2) Loki has kind of joined the Avengers to fight against Amora. They go to an old warehouse/block of flats and all of the Avengers are hurt but Loki steps in before Amora can kill someone (I think it's Hawkeye she aims for) but he gets injured in the process.

If anyone has any other Loki h/c or angst suggestions I would be delighted to read them. Thank you! :)