November 5th, 2013

Yunho Weary

Bottom!Cap general search


I don't have any specific fic in mind, I'm just craving some good movieverse Bottom!Cap fic, preferably with Tony though I think I could probably like Thor or Clint for it as well.

I don't want abusive relationships or anything like that and I'm not into any kind of hardcore dom/sub stuff (light is good, though). I guess what I'm really craving is Tony (or Thor or Clint) taking care of/being protective of Steve outside of a firefight.

If that makes any sense at all. Thanks in advance.
Young Sesshoumaru

AU Thor film events around Loki

Hello. I'm looking for any stories where things go differently concerning the events around Loki in the (first) film Thor. I don't believe Loki starts out with murderous intentions (though he certainly gains them), and I was hoping there were some stories out there were events in the movie don't quite come to that or Loki doesn't completely snap thanks to some support from Thor or something. Perhaps things just happen differently, maybe he comes to Earth instead of sticking around Asgard, or maybe there is some time travel involved? Any pairings or gen is fine!

Thanks in advance to anyone that replies!