November 7th, 2013

Deaged Natasha

I've pretty much read any de-aging fic i have found but most of them seem to focus around other members of the team.
What i'm after is a (hopefully long) fic featuring a young de-aged Natasha. Either just her, her and other members or the whole team
If you can suggest any good ones it'd be much appreciated! Many thanks
Naruto - Shikamaru
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Looking for a FrostIron, I think

I recently started reading a fic on but lost it before i was finished. It was Loki falls to earth, plays some pranks on Tony so Tony hires him as his assistant. It moves through different views from Tony to Loki to Pepper per chapter. The last chapter I read was Loki forces Tony to go to a board meeting and finding them fascinating. I know it has several more chapters.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!?!