November 8th, 2013

  • lh_24

Loki and Thor in Prison

I have been looking for a fic about Loki being put in a cell that wouldn't open again until he dies. Thor can't stand it and goes with him. They are both trapped, but they are together now. Then Thor finds out Loki is pregnant and Loki gives birth to a girl. To save her, they kill themselves. I forget if they are revived or not. Does someone know what I am talking about?
  • K James

Specific fic--steve/tony

I remember very little about the story but I believe it was Steve/Tony. The story deals with the after effects of Tony's first time as the bottom. He is unprepared for the physical pain (back pain? kidney pain?) that is, according to the story at least, typical the morning after the first time. Clint Barton helps him through it because he had a similar experience his first time.

Any ideas

Fic found in comments--thanks so much

Stark Industries owes Captain America a flying car

I'm looking for a fic I think I read on AO3 some months ago, and then stupidly lost. It's gen (preslash if anything), set in a SHIELD locker room, and stars Clint, Tony and Steve (who is in the shower, belting out 40's standards with great enthusiasm and super soldier lung capacity). Turns out Howard had received lots of down payments for non-existent flying cars during WW2, there was a class action suit by angry veterans against Stark Industries at some point, and Tony is still suffering the consequences. Steve gets a letter informing him of his options and is being six kinds of baffled that apparently, he's suing Tony. I loved the setting and the idea, would like to read it again.