November 12th, 2013

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Steve/Tony kink meme story

Hey guys :)

I'm looking for a story that was a kink meme prompt.

Tony kept asking Steve out on dates and stuff and Steve didn't take it seriously, he ended up leaving Tony at a Gala because he thought Tony had found someone to go home with. Tony was hurt because he thought he was being stood up. Natasha wasn't too happy with Steve either.

When Tony ends up admitting his feelings for Steve I'm 90% sure Steve laughs at him.

I'm pretty sure they start dating at the end.

Sadly, this is all I remember, I hope it rings bells for someone.

Thanks :D

Coulson not dead but actually captured

Help. I don't think I dreamed this. Fic where Coulson or his body is taken by the bad guys and resuscitated. Obviously the Abengers find out and rescue him. It is a Clint / Coulson slash and I think they find him barely alive in some kind of bunker. Does this sound familiar to anyone ?

Leverage crossover

Ok, this is driving me crazy. I know I read a fic about Eliot Spencer being the son of Loki and Thor and running into Loki (his mother) in female form during a mission/stakeout/something, but I can`t find again. I remember Hardison was speaking to Eliot through an earpiece at the time and saying to Eliot later that his mother was really hot. Maybe there where some glasses with a camera in them as well? Do anyone know what I`m talking about? Chocolate cake for anyone who can point me in the right direction :)