November 17th, 2013

  • kathrum

Looking for Hawk Clint

Hello all! I'm hoping someone knows what fic I'm talking about and can point me to it. I remember that Clint was turned into a Hawk at the Avengers Tower and forcibly flown away by other creatures and the team had to journey to rescue him, particularly Coulson. I think it was a sort of quest to get him back human, but it was also about Hawkeye's secret past with his brother. Does this ring any bells? Thanks!

Steve and Tony sex scene PWP or part of longer fic

The particular scene/PWP I'm remembering is Steve topping Tony, Tony on his back with his hands lax on the bed beside his head, speechless, and Steve sweet talking Tony into coming without either of them touching Tony's genitals, just on Steve's cock.

Any other stories in which Tony is speechless during sex would also be appreciated.

Thanks for any help.

Steve, Tony and Peter in a comic shop

The Avengers don't know Spiderman's secret identity. Steve and Tony are out and about the city without either the armor or the shield. The city is attacked (I don't rember details of the attack) and they encounter Spiderman while trying to get from one point to another. The three of them break into a comic shop to get a replica of the shield Tony remembered seeing (Steve said the weight was good but it wouldn't come back when he threw it like the real one would), Tony tells Spiderman to get a hoodie because it's cold out (Spidey natters on about choosing btwn two), Steve calls bullshit on Spiderman's claim that he's an adult and Tony leaves a note and his credit card in the till.

Thanks for any help.
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Abandoned!Tony Fics

Hi guys, hoping you can help me out with some recs. Just finished reading the Newborn series by Ilerre and now I'm craving fics where the team assume something about Tony and turn their backs on him, only to realise down the track that they were wrong (and go about making it right?).

Any recs would be appreciated!!! Steve/Tony pairing would be a bonus.


Driving me NUTS... :)

So, I read this fic a long time ago, and silly me forgot to bookmark it for later. I think it might be part of a five times fic or just a snippet in a longer story. I'm looking for this particular scene where it's mentioned (I think to Steve) that people actually do try to assassinate people like Tony Stark, not for his role as Iron Man, but as CEO of Stark Industries.

In this scene, Natasha mentions that she actually had accepted a contract to assassinate him a long time ago, but she ended up not completing her assignment. I think it's the only time she ever "failed" a mission. It turns out that some jerk-face CEO tries to molest her or something, and not knowing that this is the Black Widow,Tony is awesome and totally comes to her defense, and she ends up not killing him even though it hurts her reputation.

I remember also that it was a big deal because reputation is everything in those circles, and it takes place at some hotel overseas (the almost assassination, not the conversation). Oh, and in the morning Natasha finds out that Tony set up/donated to a Russian orphanage for her.

Please help me!

Natasha Finds A Kitten?

I am looking for a fic in which Natasha and Tony are out walking in NYC, and they find a kitten, which Natasha persuades Tony to let her keep at the Tower. I'm pretty sure Thor ends up naming it Zeus. This may or may not be the same one where Tony is hanging out with a bunch of kids at like a Boys and Girls Club, doing Lego projects with them to teach them about engineering projects. Both fics (if they were separate!) were Tony/Steve.
Thanks in advance for your help!!