November 18th, 2013

specific fic; Tony/Loki


So I have been trying to find a fic for a few days...I think it was on archive of our own and was a one shot (two at most).

Loki and Tony are together, and have been for a while. However, Loki is pretending to be someone else, and doesnt think that Tony already knows who he is. At the end, when Loki goes to confess who he is, Tony reveals he already knows.

It's not the And we, too, could be glorious on Achieve of our own.

Anyone have any idea what i mean?
the road goes ever ever on

specific fic, AU Bruce Banner detained by SHIELD-centered

Looking for a Bruce Banner and SHIELD-centered AU fic in which Bruce is locked up by SHIELD prior to the Avengers in what amounts to solitary confinement. He basically starts to lose his sanity to the tune of regularly hallucinating fictional characters before SHIELD finally sends in Coulson (plus others later) to visit him and keep him occasional company. I don't think it was finished when I read it.

Sound familiar to anyone?