November 19th, 2013

First Meeting

Specific Fic; Steve/Tony (maybe Steve&Tony)

Steve has a bad reaction waking up to see that it's snowing outside; shivering really badly, etc. PTSD symptoms triggered by the cold, winter weather. Possibly Jarvis calls it to Tony's attention, Tony comes to Steve's aide.
  • cuty01

FrostIron Fic ; TonyXLoki

Im searchung for a Frostiron story I read a while ago but somehow didn´t fave. It was so good and I want to read it again.

It was about Tony getting kidnapped and being blindfolded and tied up for a long time in a small room with someone else who also got kidnapped.... (I thing by some aliens or something)the two begin to serach and get comfort in one another and after a while when they are allowed to see each other its loki and tony is really shoked....

I dont now the title any more or if my brain just made that story up :D but I would be soo greatfull if someone could tell me the title or send me a link.

Dom Bruce Sub Tony fic search

Hi all,
I'm desperate for any Tony/Bruce fics where Tony is a sub/omega/the submissive one, and Bruce is the Dom/Alpha. Really, anything with these two with this kind of dynamic would be great, I've looked all over and can't seem to find anything, so I'm kinda begging here : )
Thanks Guys, you're awesome : )

LF a few kinds of fic about Thor and Loki...

All of these, I will take in either gen or Thor/Loki:

1) Outside!POV of Thor and Loki together.

2) Any fics that really highlight the cultural differences between Earth and Asgard or emphasize the fact that, yeah, these really are gods or god-like beings. (Maybe they've been holding back in some way? I dunno.)

3) Stories in which Thor and Loki are protective of each other. (And how that protection is enacted or enforced can be as light or as dark as you wish.) I especially like stories where Loki helps Thor out even though they're "enemies" and stories where Thor stands up for Loki in front of Odin. Ooh, or where they're protective of each other as kids.