November 21st, 2013


Post-IM2 (or just IM2-related) Tony-centric hurt/comfort

(first time posting, I hope I'm doing this right!)

Hey! :) I'm looking for fics which deal with the aftermath of IM2 for Tony. Either physically, eg. him crashing/sleeping for days/shivering/not able to keep anything down because he's too used to the damn chlorophyll/whatever (because I sure as hell am not buying that ~instantaneous recovery~ jazz, and he has to be exhausted at the very least from all those months of physical torment), or emotionally, eg. explaining to Pepper what exactly he was going to make her an omelette and tell her, Rhodey chewing him out for not telling him he was dying, you know...things like that. Or both.
Or just any hurt/comforty Tony-centric IM2 related fic.

Fluff is loved. Angst is also loved, but please, please, something with Tony getting the comfort he deserves after the hell he went through during the film. Please and thank you. ♥
Young Sesshoumaru

Avengers Members meet pre-film

Hello. I'm looking for any stories where the Avengers meet up prior to the Avengers movie time-line. It can lead up the the events of the film or be more au, but I'd still like it to be the same superhero universe. I'd love it if all the Avengers meet up eventually, but if it's just a few of them that's okay.

Any pairings are fine. The longer the better!