November 22nd, 2013


Steve/Tony specific fic search

I'm searching for this fic where for some unknown reason, Tony got into a parallel universe where the Tony of that universe had died. The parallel!Steve kept him all close and obedient so he doesn't lose Tony again. Months later, Tony get back to his original universe and is very submissive/slave-like to Steve who, of course, got all uncomfortable and guilty.
I remember one particular scene where Tony woke Steve up by sucking on him.

I'm pretty sure I read this on Ao3, quite some time ago. Any help is appreciated :)
  • pita01

Thorki Specific Fic

Please Help!!!

I remember that Thor was King of Asgard and Loki was his Queen, they had children and that Thor became concerned after finding out his son had kissed a boy. Loki was pregnant a the time, there was a description of their son and that he resembled Loki.

I know its not much. I thought I had save the story somewhere but I guess not. I'm still looking but help is very much appreciated.
  • kadja83

Post - Thor Dark World (or just TDW-related) Loki/Tony


I'm looking for a Fic Loki / Tony, I think it is in progress, remember that Tony appears in the Bifrost in a blanket and not know how to get there, talk to Odin so he can return but makes a deal for Tony....[Spoiler (click to open)]fix the shield or bifrost to return home and think, in the end Tony realizes that Loki is Odin.

Please can you help me!!!

I found : The bird flies away by kyrilu