November 28th, 2013

Fic Search about Loki

Hey everyone,
I have been looking for a specific fic nonstop and I can't find it. My computer crashed so I don't remember the title or where I read it, but I think I read it in AO3 but I'm not sure. It's a fic about Loki who is taken back to Asgard after the end of Avengers and while he's in his cell he tells Thor he wants to die. When he is taken to Odin he expects his punishment to be execution but instead Odin tells him he has to rebuild the bifrost by himself and then go to Midgard without his magic. Odin whispers to Loki that he is sorry and that he knows he isn't strong enough to take away Loki's magic so he will be mortal for a little while. Loki is shocked to hear Odin tell him he was sorry and that he knows how strong Loki is so he will be able to rebuild the bifrost by himself. When Loki is using his magic to rebuild the bifrost he thinks he failed but when he looks up he sees that the bifrost is complete. Loki and Thor are sent to Midgard and there the avengers realize that Loki didn't mean to take over Earth and that he was actually helping them fight off Thanos and the Chitauri. They realize that Loki LET slip the part about releasing the Hulk in the helicarrier, when everyone thought Natasha had actually tricked Loki into letting it slip. Also, he didn't use full mind control on Clint and Selvig so that Clint didn't end up killing Natasha and so that Selvig could put the safety on the tesseract so that Loki's scepter could shut off the portal. Also, he sent a small group of chitauri through the portal so that the avengers could learn how to defeat them before sending the rest through the portal. Most importantly, Loki didn't kill Coulson. He ended up injuring him but made sure not to cause a fatal injury. Loki says that Fury played his part perfectly because he got Coulsons cards from his locker and said they were in his jacket. That's all I remember, can someone please help me find it!!!

Fic search: specific Loki/Tony story

This is an old(ish) fic, and is a probably long, probably popular, definitely complete story that I originally found on AO3. My memory of details is kind of hazy, but I do know that Loki starts forming an attachment to Tony (with Tony unaware?) and starts half-assing his villainy to the point that the other Avengers (specifically Clint) notice and comment.

Also, at some point in this story Tony (in his suit) is thrown through a wall and a building collapses on him. He's about to bleed out, but Loki heals him enough for rescue to come (though I think he leaves before the Avengers get to Tony). This is the scene that really stands out in my mind.

Does any of this sound familiar? I've been searching AO3 for days and it's starting to drive me a bit nuts.


ETA: I've just verified that it's not Tricks of the Trade. However, the mention of Loki feeding Tony Asgard apples is striking a chord -- I think it's this fic where Loki keeps tricking Tony into eating Golden Apples (apple pie, apple pancakes, etc.) Eventually Tony figures out that these aren't just regular apples that Loki's feeding him.

ETA2: So it turns out the apples were in an entirely different story (and if anyone remembers that one, I'd love to read it again -- if it helps, I think one of the dishes was apple fritters). The original story was found by the awesome hikari910 and is Debt by Storynerd, found here.
pink heels SERIOUS

pairing: Steve/Tony (eventual) kidfic

I am pretty sure I'm thinking of 2 different fics (and if I am, I'll take the link to each please) but...

There was a scene where Tony had gotten someone pregnant and the kid had just been dropped off at the house in Malibu. Pepper had gotten stuff together for him to have custody and there may have been some grandparents that were suing for custody just for the money purposes. I don't think he'd actually met Cap yet and at one point after he'd had the kid for a while Cap snapped at him something like "You don't care for anyone but yourself." Or some nonsense. Then Tony whipped out pics of the kid and shocked Cap. I think they eventually got together.

But there is this other scene which maybe fits or is part of another story. Tony has a kid and goes to see him kind of often and is involved in his life. The mom gets killed and the kid is able to call Coulson and Tony disappears for 2 weeks or something to get him and Cap is mad. I specifically remember there being Avenger Bears and Rhodey's was on back order or something. But the IronMan one had an actual arc reactor for a night light.

Thanks for any help! Is there a Tumblr for Avengers fic finders?

Update: 1st story found. Second story still MIA! Thank you.