November 30th, 2013

Avengers stuck in jungle, Tony loses an arm fanfic

Hi all,
I'm looking for a fic I read a while back where all the Avengers got stuck in some kind of jungle for days, and Tony was injured badly. His arm was broken or something, and the infection kept getting worse. I think in the end Bruce had to amputate it. Ring any bells? I've searched everywhere, no luck so far.
Thanks guys : )

Hulk and Team training

I am looking for a fic in which Tony wants Hulk to be part of training/team building sessions. But Bruce keeps refusing, then finally agrees. And then Hulk comes out during one session. He is able to talk and respond which surprises others. He says that Tony is his favorite of the others. Tony was very happy about that part.

Does anyone know this fic?


Duty Bound by Agarwaenloth

Hi! I have been desperately searching for a fic called Duty Bound by Agarwaenloth, but it seems it has been deleted off of AO3 and ffnet (and everywhere else), and I'm hoping maybe somebody here was smarter than me and saved it? If somebody could email it to me I would be forever grateful!!! renegadekitty89 at Hotmail. Thanks SO much!! :)